5 Best Areas to Live in San Diego County

By PRPM | Homeowner / Renter Tips

Top 5 communities in San Diego

To say you live in San Diego is already a privilege that many love to boast about, but to say you reside in these 5 areas around the city, can make bragging rights all the more superior. Variances around the county make living in one spot or the other “best” for whatever it is you are particularly looking for. You may think that having accommodations within walking distance makes your town appealing or maybe it’s because the housing is more affordable compared to another area. Whatever the draw is, here is a list of the 5 most sought after communities within San Diego.

1) Carlsbad- Best place to leave your car at home and bike around town. The city has gone as far as to change its streetscape to accommodate more bike riders and make the bike-riding enthusiasts safer.
Median home value $721,000
Average rent $3,163

2) South Park- Tiny neighborhood with a tight-knit small business affinity. Eclectic shops and eateries in abundance.
Median home value $425,800
Average rent $1,741

3) La Mesa- An urban vibe feel without the noise and price tag of downtown. Filled with mom and pop shops, art and public parks.
Median home value $468,350
Average rent $2,127

4) North Park- Pedestrian friendly, plenty of coffee shops, cultural entertainment and craftsman style homes. Currently San Diego’s craft beer hub.
Median home value $484,500
Average rent $1,910

5) Chula Vista- School district alone is motivation for making this neighborhood one of the top. First in the county to be accepted into the “Live Well San Diego Initiative”
Median home value $464,720
Average rent $1,747

Overall you can’t go wrong with our perfect weather and picturesque location. It all comes down to what is priority #1 for you, your family, and your lifestyle. America’s Finest City has something for everyone.