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  • Rent your property FAST. We rent in 2 weeks or less on average. 
  • All tenants are pre-vetted. We meet in person with every single tenant before they move in, to get the most reliable, responsible ones. 
  • Bring in Rental Income. We manage property for clients who live off their income property, for clients building for their retirement or legacy, and for clients who are relocated for work.
  • Bookkeeping done for you. Get a monthly statement, breakdown of income and expenses, 1099 tax form at the end of year. 
  • Loved by our clients. Our clients stay with us for years, several clients have been with us for over 20 and a few for more than 30 years!
  • Get maintenance tasks DONE! Our licensed contractors get basic repairs done in 3 days to a week.

Who We Can Help

Homeowners who need to simply Rent their Property

We understand the desire to maximize the return on your investment property, by leasing it in the least amount of time, and placing quality tenants who won't color in crayon on the walls! 

Homeowners who need to Rent and need Maintenance 

We know you need to maximize the return on your investment property, but may need some maintenance before you rent, or in the years it is being rented out. Our property maintenance division offers licensed contractors or handymen to help get you rent-ready for maximum rental value, or maintain the property during rental periods, and maintain your property to maximize the sale value. 

Military, Veterans and First Responders

We like to support our community and honor our active military, Veterans and first responders. To express our gratitude, we offer discounts for military personnel and first responders for both our property management and maintenance services. 

Over 35 Years Serving San Diego & Orange Counties

Our clients stay with us for years, several clients have been with us for over 20 and a few for more than 30 years!


"I want to thank everyone at Pacific Rim for the wonderful, painless, and professional job you did with managing my rental property. I would highly recommend you to anyone who, like me, wants their property professionally managed. You really took care of my place like it was your own. Your entire staff deserves thanks for the job you all did for me."
- Ray V., Property Owner

Hi, I'm Steve Pollack, President/CEO of Pacific Rim Property Management and Maintenance Services, based here in Poway. My family has been in real estate investment and property management for four generations - that's a lot of knowledge! We want to bring that experience and expertise to you and your property. Tam bien, yo hablo español!

Looking forward to helping you out!

- Steve

Ready to know the EXACT Rental Value of your Property? 

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Easily stay Up-to-date with California Tenant Law

We keep up with the latest rental laws so you don't have to worry about them. Our leasing documents are created by the California Association of Realtors legal team. They are updated twice every year, to keep up to date with the ever-changing landlord/tenant and fair housing laws, including housing code and maintenance.

Why our tenants are a cut above the rest

To protect your property asset, we have a robust screening process.  Our tenant screening includes: prior rental verification, credit check, income verification, income to rent ratio, income to debt ratio - and, best of all - we meet all tenants in person before moving in.  

How much is your property worth to rent?  

We use public and private market knowledge, plus our four generations worth of property expertise to individually analyse your property. No copy and paste reports here! You get a true account of how much you can rent for, plus what you need to do to get your property rented fast. Get your same day rental price analysis.

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